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Our city needs strong leadership. Our proven platform has brought Memphis to a top ranked city before. We can do the same again!

Together We Can Make Better Memphis (2023)

One of Mayor Herenton's Legacy Acheivements

We Want A Clean, Safe City Once Again! (2023)

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Join Us As We Restore Our Great City! (2023)

Dr. Herenton Has A Proven Vision


Memphis We Can Do Better!

Making Our Streets Safe Again! (2023)

We are in this together!

Herenton's Vision

To restore our city to a stature of respectability among growth cities across the nation. We must foster our core values of being a city that is safe, clean, efficient and livable.
Economic growth and development form the basis for promoting the well- being of our diverse city with opportunities for all. Public-private partnerships will be essential elements for progress.

Leadership at the head of the Memphis Police Department that will focus on crime abatement with accountability and needed reform.
It is important that the city of Memphis has confidence in the Director of Police Services. It is imperative that this leader clearly understands constitutional policing.

Despite the fact that the city of Memphis government has no direct responsibility for public education – we must align our resources to focus on the mental health and career preparation needs of our youth.

We can become a better city with our diverse citizenry working together for the betterment of all.
We shall develop and implement an initiative called “The Gideon 300” that should motivate and inspire volunteers to assist thousands of our youth to live productive lives with respect for positive values.

This initiative is designed to dismantle barriers and create opportunity for young adults trapped in the poverty-to-prison cycle.
This initiative will require an effective collaboration with the Memphis and Shelby County Juvenile Court, Shelby County Commission, Shelby County School District and State Government.
A state-of-the-art restorative campus with wrap-around services with State support can be established. A minimum 20 acre site to be determined.

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People's Say About us

We need Mayor Herenton back in office as mayor. Our city is in need of strong leadership.

Antonio Camper

Public Comments

People's Say About us

Our city doesn't seem safe anymore. We are all afraid to go our. When Herenton was in office, I didn't feel this way.

Mary Thomas

Public Comments

People's Say About us

They are trying to portray Dr. Herenton as an old, feeble man. I see him often and wow is he in shape!

Larry Austin-Fitness Trainer

Public Comments

People's Say About us

Ask yourself, when was the last mayor Memphis has had that was proven, tested, and push our city forward?

Jarvis Jennings-Business Owner

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People's Say About us

There's an old African proverb that says, when you bury wisdom, if it's not passed on, you lose your culture. We need Dr. Herenton. Dr. Herenton is the only candidate that has the experience!

Calvin Malone

Dr. Herenton represented Memphis for 12 years
as Memphis City Schools before becoming a 5 consecutive time Mayor of the city of Memphis, TN.





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