An Open Letter To The Citizens Of Memphis

am an eligible candidate for the office of Mayor, in the Memphis Municipal Election on October 5, 2023. I have maintained a residence in the city of Memphis for over several decades. A strong sense of purpose compels me to remain relevant and to focus on making Memphis a better city.

My public service career in Memphis spans over three decades. It was a privilege to serve as superintendent of the Memphis City School System for 12 years. And later, I was elected five consecutive terms

as mayor of Memphis.

Today, it saddens me to see my hometown in a deep crisis that is in need of proven leadership. This is not the time for on-the-job training. The city needs Proven Leadership. We can and we must address the crime problem with needed reforms. I clearly understand what needs to be done.

For this reason and more, I have decided to, once again, offer my service to the citizens of Memphis as a candidate for Mayor — 2023.

In my opinion, and in all respect to the announced candidates, not a single one has proven to be prepared for the challenges facing my hometown. You have placed trust in my leadership in the past, and I respectfully request your support for my candidacy for Mayor of Memphis in 2023. As a native Memphian, I remember when our city was safe, clean and provided an array of quality schools for our children. Today, we live in a vastly different Memphis.

I am told almost on a daily basis that many Memphians are seriously considering relocating to safer cities. I love Memphis as many of you — we must collectively come together and work diligently toward the betterment of our city.

Yours truly,
Willie W. Herenton, Ph.D.